Why Speick

The Speick Founding Philosophy

“The toll of time is growing. Unhealthy, high-stress work practices, polluted water, air contaminated with dust, gases and acids, not to mention radioactivity, which may become a key problem in the future. All of this causes harm of an exceptional nature and affects our skin to varying degrees. Our food supply has also been damaged, such as by pesticides, mineral fertilising practices and preservatives.”
These observations of the founder of the Speick products, Walter Rau, sound like an analysis of current environmental issues – but were written in 1958. This awareness was enough to motivate Rau to develop natural cosmetics that nourish and care for the health, vitality and natural beauty of every person.
Rau also wanted the holistic philosophy behind his products to shape the whole company. Employees received further training during “factory hours”, working mothers were offered company childcare and local recreational facilities were developed for factory employees.


Walter Rau (the company) has the same goal today; To develop natural cosmetics that nourish and care for the health, vitality and natural beauty of every person. Raw materials from biologically regulated cultivation are used whenever the quality and quantity is available. Natural fragrances, essential oils and only natural preservatives are allowed. The products are not tested on animals. The products range from the classic, aromatic Speick Natural skin care to Speick Men Active.


Speick is made by Walter Rau, a small family company, based near Stuttgart, Germany. First founded over 80 years ago, they still carry out some steps of the manufacturing process by hand. Environmental and social criteria play a key role. In the selection of raw materials and packaging Walter Rau aim to principally work with partners from the region to avoid long transport distances, as well as to strengthen the local economic system. Employee development remains important today, “being seen as a person; being given the opportunity to grow and to learn”. The founder’s grandson who now runs the company, can see just how important it is that “tradition has future” through the alpine farming families in Carinthia, Austria, who harvest the wild-growing Speick plant. The partnership between the company, the Speick alpine farmers and the Nock Mountains National Park shows how values can be realised in a practical manner. Employees of the family business who have visited the Nock Mountains and the alpine farmers that harvest the Speick plant, left with an awareness of the finite nature of natural resources, as in the alpine ecosystem of the Carinthian Nock Mountains, and how “being human” is inextricably linked to the natural universe.